The Identity

With over 35 years of experience in interior design in the GCC and Europe, Mr. Albert Nigoghossian is one of the most experienced professionals in the field carrying on a family legacy that spans three generations in the craft.

Experiencing a significant rise in demand for the company's Services, he decided to put his extensive knowledge and expertise to work by founding NIHAKO Paris, a company that specializes in Ambience Creation providing Top-Quality Design and Services. Unequivocally, Paris was the clear choice for NIHAKO to establish their company, as it is internationally recognized as the center for high-end designers, providing an ideal platform for them to showcase their exceptional creativity, know-how, and leave their fingerprint in the world of design.


We are dedicated to helping you set the mood right while remaining truthful to our personality and values. 


We excel in communication! We understand that it is essential to achieve smooth and successful operations.


We Highly value Time! We make it our priority to honor deadlines while maintaining the highest level of work quality. 

Transforming Spaces, Inspiring Lives: Discover Our Passion for Interior Design

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