What we do

We're a team of passion driven creators who specialize in crafting immersive environments.

At NIHAKO, we specialize in the creation of mesmerizing Ambiance. We are Experts in bespoke domestic and exclusive high-end designs that are tailored to meet our client's unique needs. Our approach is centered around understanding our clients' vision and bringing it to life while incorporating our signature style. We believe that attention to detail is critical in achieving the perfect ambiance, and we are meticulous in every aspect of our work, from design study and conceptual design to consultancy, supervision, execution, and furniture supply. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the use of Top-Quality materials and the timely delivery of each project.

Conceptual Design

We offer detailed drawings and visual presentations of the project outcome to ensure that technical aspects of the project are clear and well-understood.

Design Study

We'll work hand in hand to manifest your vision and add our unique Nihako signature.

Consultancy & Supervision

We collaborate closely with you to ensure that we meet your expectations, providing valuable insights on feasibility, scope, budget, and other critical project details.

Project Management

Our managers oversee every aspect of the project from start to finish. They ensure that all project requirements are fulfilled, leading to a successful project completion.

The Execution

We meticulously verify that everything is in line with the plan to guarantee that the project is delivered precisely as required.

Furniture & Accessories

We select the most suitable and refined furniture and accessories to perfectly complement and enhance the atmosphere.

Let’s Work Together